2.5 million people exceed weekly recommended alcohol limit in a single day

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Around 2.5 million people consume more than the new weekly recommended limit for alcohol in a single day according to figures from the Office for National Statistics. This represents 9% of all drinkers.


The majority of these are men and the most common age group is 25-44 year olds; although the 45-64 year olds are close behind. The most popular drinks among those who exceed the limit in a day is beer, lager or cider. The regions with the highest numbers exceeding the limit are Wales and Scotland.


The data is from 2014 and was compiled before the new limit of 14 units per week for men was introduced in January. Although experts expect drinking habits to change they still say the figures are concerning.


The ONS figures also show that 58% of people - 28.9 million - drink some alcohol in a typical week.


Wine is the most popular choice of alcohol overall.

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