AlcoSense comes 1st, 2nd and 4th in Auto Express 'Best breathalysers: 2017' list

Friday, January 13, 2017

AlcoSense has won three of the top four places in the Auto Express Best Breathalysers: 2017 list. Following a group test of 10 breathalysers the AlcoSense Excel was chosen as the best breathalyser, followed by the AlcoSense Pro in second place and the AlcoSense Elite at fourth.

The AlcoSense Excel, at No.1 with 5 stars, was described as "a breeze to use" and "accurate at all levels. A great blend of price and performance".

About the AlcoSense Pro, which had four stars, Auto Express said "Spend £50 more... and you get quite a bit extra...the Pro adds a Blow Coach to ensure the breath sample will provide the most accurate reading". The AlcoSense Pro "topped our accuracy tests by a small margin from the Excel."

In fourth place, the first semi-conductor breathalyser the AlcoSense Elite also had 4 stars. Auto Express said: "If a fuel-cell breathalyser is beyond your budget, this semi-conductor Elite is a good buy. It couldn't match the accuracy of AlcoSense's fuel-cell units, but it was the best of the rest by some margin"

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