AlcoSense Excel Wins EVO 2019 Product Test

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

The AlcoSense Excel has been judged best personal breathalyser 2019 in a comparative test by Evo, the monthly car magazine, featuring nine breathalysers from six different brands. AlcoSense were the only brand on test to achieve a coveted 5-star rating. 


Summarising the Excel, Evo said “on both price and performance, this is a gem”. The magazine also praised its ability to adjust to the varying alcohol limits for different countries – “perfect for those holiday hire-car situations”.


When tested against a police-spec Draeger breathalyser, the Excel was found to be “faultlessly accurate”.   


In second place was the AlcoSense Pro, which picked up a ‘Product Test Commended’ award.  The testers were impressed with its accuracy saying “by the smallest of margins, it topped our accuracy test ahead of the Excel” and by its Blow Coach feature “which helps ensure that the breath sample delivers the most accurate reading” and it’s estimated time until sober feature, “ideal for when you’re making plans the next day”.


Evo’s overall verdict was:  “Plain and simple: when it comes to home breathalyser kits, you really do get what you pay for. In terms of brands, AlcoSense is the clear industry leader: we suggest you pick the one that matches your budget. The Excel offers an excellent mix of price and performance - but if you can afford it, buy the Pro.”


You can read the full test report by clicking here.


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