"The most accurate over-the-counter device available" says Total 911 Porsche magazine of the AlcoSense Ultra

Friday, February 05, 2016

Total 911 The Porsche Magazine in reviewing the AlcoSense Ultra describes it as the "the most accurate over-the-counter device currently available".


The magazine goes on to say that:

"Even compared to the hugely complicated static devices found in police stations (worth upwards of £10,000), the reliability and accuracy of the AlcoSense Ultra is hugely impressive, partly thanks to a new software calibration technique that prevents the device from under-reading.


However, as impressive as the hardware is, it is the day-to-day usabilitiy of the AlcoSense Ultra that should be its main selling point."


Total 911 highlights the feature which enables it to select the local drink-drive limit for whichever country the user is in and says this makes it "the perfect partner for cross-country road trips."


Total 911 concludes that "the AlcoSense Ultra more than justifies its price point making it a must-have for those who truly value their licence."

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